Remote Controlled Rat Prop

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Rats Are Scary?Listen, we think rats are cute

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It comes with a small toy rat that measures about 8 inches long

It has a set of small wheels on the bottom and a remote control that lets you drive the toy rat around on the floor.PranksJust place this little guy on the floor and use the remote to drive him past family and friends who are afraid of rats for the best results! Note this prank will not work on those who find rats adorable.

It sort of baffles us how some could find the little creatures frightening and repulsive, but that appears to be the bleak truth about our tiny furry friends

Speaking of people who have an aversion to rats hellip Isn rsquo t it about time for a good prank Perhaps on a family member who has a strong aversion to rats Well, that rsquo s something we can help with, even if we don rsquo t find this particular product all that scary.Product DetailsThis remote controlled rat prop helps you make the prank of a lifetime

Their nose twitches around when they rsquo re sniffed for food

They have that fluffy fur and those adorable little whiskers

We rsquo ve even seen pictures of rats holding tiny music instruments on the interwebs